Irish America rallies support for Archie, 13, and twin brothers, George and Isaac, 9, with a benefit on Saturday, March 30. Here’s how you can help.

The Irish community in the United States is once again coming out in strength to raise funds for three terminally-ill young Irish brothers Archie, George and Issac, and their parents Paula and  Padraic Naughton.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is the biggest genetic killer of children in the world and yet even nurses Paula and Padraic were unaware of the terminal disease until their three young sons were first diagnosed in November 2012.

A fatal, muscle-debilitating disease caused by a missing protein and affecting motor skills and hampering a child’s movement, the Naughtons have had to watch as sports-loving boys Archie, 13, and twin brothers, George and Isaac, 9, were denied the simple childhood pleasures of running, jumping and skipping.

Instead, boys like Archie, George and Isaac will be confined to a wheelchair by their twelfth birthdays.

You can support Archie, George and Isaac at their US GoFundMe page here. 

Some of the amazing raffle prizes up for grabs at the upcoming US benefit.

Some of the amazing raffle prizes up for grabs at the upcoming US benefit.

Currently, there is no treatment and no cure for DMD and those who have it will eventually die of respiratory and/or heart failure by the time they reach their mid to late 20s.

Speaking to IrishCentral back in 2017, the Naughton parents described the disease as a “timebomb” within the boys’ bodies. From the feet upwards their muscles will gradually fail, first paralyzing them and eventually leading to premature death as the heart and lungs stop.

And yet, seven years after their initial diagnosis, the Naughton family are continuing their attempt to live as normal a life as possible with their three sons, beginning construction on a new home in February that could change all their lives.  

With the help of their local community on Roscommon, Paula and Padraic Naughton established the Join our Boys Trust to both help provide a more comfortable standard of living for their boys and to raise awareness of DMD and the fight for a cure.

Archie, 12.

Archie, 12.

The Trust was established to raise funds to purchase a specific home that will support the comfort level and complex needs of the boys’ daily living so they can remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

The Naughton family would “borrow” the house for the time required for the boys but the building of the house represents another opportunity; the chance to bring greater awareness to this cause and find a cure for these boys and the thousands of other boys living with this disease.

However, the family must work within an estimated construction cost of €1.5 million and need the support of the Irish community in the US to do so.

Twin brothers, George and Isaac, 7.

Twin brothers, George and Isaac, 7.

On Saturday, March 30, at 3 pm in Elks Lodge, 80-20 Queens Blvd, Flushing NY 11373, US volunteers are to hold a benefit to aid the young brothers, with a raffle and GoFundMe page aiming to raise some money toward their new home.

With fantastic prizes up for grabs, anyone in the US is able to attend the benefit, to donate to the GoFundMe campaign, or buy a raffle ticket to support Join Our Boys and the Naughton family.

You can find all the information here:

To contact ‘Join Our Boys Benefit New York’ or ‘Join Our Boys Trust’ their email address is   

Checks can also be made out to Join Our Boys New York and mailed to:

Join Our Boys NY,

P.O. Box 604725,


NY 11360.