Co-workers buy a car for a 60-year-old woman who was forced to walk to work. 

For the past three months, 60-year-old FedEx employee Darlene Quinn was forced to walk twelve miles to work and twelve miles home again after her car broke down and she could not afford to fix it. With thanks to her co-workers and even strangers, however, Quinn can now rest easy as they have gathered to fundraise the money to buy her a new car. 

A few weeks ago Josh Lewis, who works with Quinn at FedEx near I-85 and Business 85 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, noticed the 60-year-old walking along busy roads when she left work and he began to offer her a ride. 

"We told her who we were and that we also worked at FedEx," Lewis told The Greenville News.

"She must've felt safe enough to get in the car with us."

Learning that Quinn was now being forced to walk her daily 24-mile commute between work, Lewis went to his boss to say he wanted to raise money to help her out, quickly receiving over $8,000 in donations. 

Lewis recorded the moment as he made the revelation to Quinn that she had a new car and she quickly became emotional on hearing the news. 

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Publiée par Josh Lewis sur Mardi 29 octobre 2019

“It was amazing," Lewis said of the moment. 

"She just started bawling crying and saying how she can’t believe that this is happening to her.”

“I told her she’s just an inspiration," he added. 

"I know I don’t think I would walk 12 miles just to go to work or to come home from work on a daily basis.”