Restaurant Depot, one of the main suppliers of products to Irish bars and restaurants, is doing its part to lend a helping hand to those in need by participating in a novel program called Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) which aims to brighten the days of those less fortunate.

With nearly 300 people in the New York office alone, all of whom are participating in the program, Jetro/Restaurant Depot employees are setting out to be the change that communities need.

“ARK is an easy, low cost, do-good, feel-good project that everyone, at every level of our organization, can participate in, and then touch someone with an act of random kindness,” says Stanley Fleishman, CEO of Jetro/Restaurant Depot.

The ARK campaign is based on a simple premise – participants deposit their spare change into a plastic ARK supplied by the program’s creator, the Change Our World for Good group.  When the ARK is full the owner passes it on to someone less fortunate -- a friend, family member, neighbor or even a stranger. The campaign is not linked to one specific group, cause or individual.  The concept behind it is to promote caring and kindness.

At Jetro/Restaurant Depot, employees have an ARK on their desk or in their car to place loose change into.  They have the option to pass the filled ark to someone in need, or pool together with a company match at the end the year.  

Moise Hecht, executive director of the USA division of Change Our World for Good says, “Every person has the power to change our world for the good. The ARK campaign provides a platform to positively impact yourself and your surroundings with a simple act of random kindness. Do an ARK today!”

For more information, visit  The organization also has a free downloadable app.