Controversial plans to build a whitewater rafting course at Dublin's docklands are set to be scrapped, according to numerous reports. 

Dublin City Council voted in favor of the €22 million project in 2019 but has now decided to abandon the project due to a lack of financial and public support, according to RTÉ News. 

The council's Capital Programme 2022-2024 reports that there has been significant opposition to the proposal since it was announced two years ago, while it also notes that the council was unable to secure support from state funding bodies. 

Dublin City Council Chief (DCC) Executive Owen Keegan penned the report and noted that there has been "a considerable amount of negative commentary" about the project. 

He said the widespread public opposition to the project was impossible to reverse and said that it had undermined attempts to gain funding for the whitewater rafting course. 

Keegan's Capital Programme 2022-2024 is set to be discussed at a DCC meeting on Monday evening. 

"The Chief Executive is proposing to the Elected Members that we proceed with the two Quayside buildings and it is proposed to not proceed with the white water rafting project," the report stated. 

DCC postponed the tendering process for the project last June due to increases in construction costs. 

The proposed development at George's Dock would have consisted of a whitewater rafting course and a swift water rescue training facility for use by emergency services. 

DCC said that the development would have also had canoeing and kayaking facilities in addition to a swimming and polo pool.

The Irish Government refused to allocate €19 million to the project from its Urban Regeneration and Development Fund, arguing that DCC must source funds for developments on George's Dock. 

Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond suggested that a pool or lido would be a more appropriate and cost-effective development for the area.