For over 45 years The Ireland Funds has been fulfilling its mission to support peace, culture, education, and community development across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities around the world.

The Ireland Funds Heart of the Community Fund is a new step to this commitment to stand by Ireland at this extraordinarily challenging time. The initiative is focused on helping the smaller nonprofit organizations that are deeply embedded in their communities. The Ireland Funds recognizes that local community leaders and organizations are making a profound difference as they work, often quietly and unrecognized, in communities in every county.  Through its Heart of the Community Fund, it is identifying and supporting these local initiatives and letting them know they are not alone. Grants will not only assist with day-to-day operations, but they will also help groups plan for a post-pandemic environment.

Last year as the pandemic and lockdowns arrived on the doorstep for many people, communities struggled with the uncertainty and fear that this time in our lives brought us. The Ireland Funds responded quickly to the overwhelming needs and provided financial support to 40+ frontline organizations in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Access to education continued, families were supported, the elderly were cared for and services remained accessible.

A gift to  Heart of the Community Fund continues this much-needed support and is a meaningful way to give back and connect to Ireland, with 100% of every gift going towards supporting community organizations. 

Watch this video to learn more about the next chapter in The Ireland Funds care for communities across Ireland:

The Ireland Funds has raised over $600 million for deserving causes in Ireland and beyond, benefiting more than 3,200 different organizations. Now is your chance to be part of this incredible work. A gift to The Ireland Funds Heart of the Community Fund is a way to celebrate your love for Ireland, by giving back to Irish communities when they need it most.

Find out more about the Ireland Funds by checking out their website, you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram