A 17-year-old girl from County Cavan who disappeared from a hotel in Paris during a family holiday over a month ago has finally phoned her family and is set to return home. 

Amber Victoria Palm was staying with her parents at Disney's Hotel Sante Fe near Disneyland Paris when she disappeared on August 7. 

The 17-year-old contacted her family on Wednesday, September 13, after the family had gone through "hell" since her disappearance. 

CCTV footage from the night of her disappearance showed the Cavan girl meeting a young man at the front gates of the hotel before leaving the premises. 

Her parents Mactalene and Dennis subsequently learned that she had been talking to a man online before the family holiday. 

French police later informed Mactalene and Dennis that the man entered France via car Ferry on July 6 driving a Northern Irish-registered car. 

Shortly before Amber made contact with her family, her mother, Mactalene, spoke to the Irish Sun about the situation and said she was "fearing the worst". 

However, she made contact with her daughter later that day. She said she had been receiving emails and missed calls from a contact that she didn't recognize, adding that it turned out to be her daughter trying to make contact. 

"I’m so happy … so relieved right now," she told the Sunday World on Thursday

Mactalene told the publication that her daughter had informed her that she came to no harm in the company of the man, who is believed to be a teenager from Northern Ireland. The pair are reportedly in Austria together. 

"It was young love … but the main thing is she is safe and she is unharmed," Mactalene said. 

"You can’t imagine the things that have gone through our minds as parents.

“Obviously, she can’t come over, so we are going to go get her." 

Mactalene added that Amber's nine-year-old brother Gino was overcome with relief when news broke that she had been found. 

"He’s so happy… he’s smiling and his eyes are shining for the first time in a month."