One of Ireland's oldest residents is appealing to President Michael D. Higgins to give her a phone call during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nancy Stewart, 106, is one of Ireland's best known senior citizens and she has launched a social media campaign urging the president to pick up the phone. 

Louise Coghlan, Stewart's granddaughter, shared a video of Stewart on Twitter where she asked the President for a chat. 

"Hello President Michael Higgins," she said in the video. 

"I'm Nancy Stewart from Clonard and I'm 106 years old. I'd love to have a word with you and tell you how we're working out with the virus. 

"I'm hoping we'll all meet in the near future for a chat, or to see what I look like," she said.

"Greetings to yourself and your wife and please god, when all this is over, you'll come down and see my lovely mansion." 

Born in 1913,Granny Nancy Stewart is 106 & a half years of age!She is the oldest person in Ireland living in her own home!Granny would love if President Michael D.Higgins might give her a call for a chat!Love if you might RT! @PresidentIRL we would be honoured to hear from you!

— Louise Coghlan (@CeolPR) April 30, 2020

Stewart is one of Ireland's best-loved citizens and her feelgood approach to life has captured many Irish hearts. 

She celebrated her 106th birthday last October by calling on the Irish Government to provide proper accommodation for Ireland's growing homeless community and she said she was saving money to help Irish people suffering from poverty. 

She also shared her words of wisdom at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and urged people to remain calm. 

Speaking to RSVP Live, Louise Coghlan said that her grandmother spends every day of the lockdown going through a list of people who need help and praying for them. 

"Nancy spends a lot of her time praying as she holds a very strong faith and prays every day for anyone who has nobody to pray for them, and then goes through her list of all who might need a prayer,” Coghlan told RSVP Live. 

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