All is not well with the Catholic Church and this year's honoree at the Montreal St. Patrick's Day festivities. An article by Fr. Alphonse de Valk in the church newspaper 'Insight' bitterly attacks the choice of speaker this year after the parade and calls for English speaking Montrealers to boycott.

 "On St. Patrick’s day (March 17), Montreal will have a St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 14. On Wednesday, March 17 itself, Liberal MP Bob Rae (Toronto-Centre) will be the guest speaker at the St. Patrick’s Society’s Annual Luncheon to be held at Hotel Bonaventure.

"We suggest that English-speaking Montrealers save their money for some other event. Liberal Bob Rae, waiting to succeed Michael Ignatieff as leader of the federal Liberal Party, is a copy of Ignatieff.

" Like him, he is an atheist/agnostic, hard-nosed pro-abortion, pro same-sex agenda, and a champion of feminist causes the world over. He is the former head of the Ontario New Democratic Party.

“The very first thing he did as Premier of the Province was to permit two new abortuaries to open their doors in Toronto. For forty years English-speaking Catholics in Montreal have voted Liberal. It is time to examine their conscience," Father Valk concluded.