Sean Mulveyhill, who led the campaign of bullying in South Hadley that led to the suicide of a County Clare teen, has been accused of rape by a college student

Sean Mulveyhill, the former high school senior in South Hadley, Massachusetts, who orchestrated a bullying campaign that led to the suicide of Irish-born Phoebe Prince in 2010, has been accused of the rape of a college girl.

Phoebe Prince’s death led to nationwide headlines and a review of bullying legislation in several states.

Phoebe Prince's suicide in South Hadley made international news.

Phoebe Prince's suicide in South Hadley made international news.

Mulveyhill is “facing allegations of rape leveled by a student at Mount Holyoke College, where he worked as a bartender,” the Boston Globe reports.

Parents of the alleged rape victim are incensed that Mulveyhill was given a job in an all-female school in the same town where Phoebe Prince committed suicide.

Prince had moved to Massachusetts at age 14 with her mother Ann O’Brien after growing up in Fanore, in County Clare, Ireland.

Prince had a brief fling with Mulveyhill, captain of the football team.

Mulveyhill blamed Prince when his regular girlfriend found out and orchestrated a vicious bullying campaign against her. Up to 12 people were identified as taking part in the campaign against her.

As a newcomer, Prince was utterly isolated and she suffered terribly.

Despite the fact that her aunt had outlined Phoebe’s troubled past which included depression and her problem with bullying, school authorities did nothing.

On January 14, 2010, after a day of bullying which included dreadful verbal abuse and having a beer can thrown at her from a passing car, Phoebe went home and hung herself.

Her body was found by her traumatized 12-year-old sister.

Phoebe Prince, from County Clare, who took her own life aged just 14.

Phoebe Prince, from County Clare, who took her own life aged just 14.

Immediately, dreadful comments about her appeared on Facebook, placed by the bullying teens including one entry that just read “Done.”

The High School Cotillion Dance went ahead as scheduled. High School authorities denied any knowledge of the bullying, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Mulveyhill was given probation for his role in the bullying but broke the terms of that when getting arrested for breaking and entering, in 2013.

The Globe reports that “current allegations against Mulveyhill were made by a 21-year-old junior at the college who told police Mulveyhill assaulted her in his home, about 2 miles from the campus, on Feb. 24, after she had given him a ride.”

In an affidavit filed in Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown, the alleged victim wrote, “Sean Mulveyhill raped me.”

Here's the WWLP-22News report on Mulveyhill's current court case:

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