Is this a new discovery of a barrow cemetery and settlement from the Bronze Age in Duleek, Co Meath?

Another amazing archeological find has potentially been made in Duleek, Co Meath, where it is thought that aerial surveys, aided by the dry-weather and drought-like conditions in Ireland recently, have revealed a Bronze Age barrow cemetery and settlement.

Image: Copter View/Noel Meehan

Image: Copter View/Noel Meehan

The discovery was made by Noel Meehan of Copter View Aerial Productions, who says he has been conducting surveys of the area over the past two years in the hopes of making a find. His interest came after reading of previous research carried out in the area.

Meehan has now contacted the National Monuments Service about the potential settlement and they will work to confirm if they are, in fact, remains from the Bronze Age.

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We are very excited here at Copter View to finally disclose a very significant archeological discovery we’ve made that...

Posted by Copter View on Dé Máirt 24 Iúil 2018

"My discovery of this site was inspired by an excavation conducted between 1929 and 1936 by Adole Mahrs of an early Bronze Age cemetery at Keenoge, which is approximately 800 meters from the location of my findings," Meehan told the Irish Independent.

For the past two years, Meehan has conducted surveys of the Boolies Little and Keenoge Townland located just outside Duleek, until this week he finally pictured a site which appears to show nine enclosures throughout the fields.

Image: Copter View/Noel Meehan

Image: Copter View/Noel Meehan

While the find is not yet confirmed, the circular features pictures appear to show barrows, a common prehistoric feature that has earth or stones creating a mound over a grave. The images also appear to show the features of a potential settlement beside the barrows.

At Discover Boyne Valley, we are very excited to see that one of our members, Noel Meehan of Copter View Aerial Productions, has taken amazing images of a possible Bronze Age cemetery near Duleek in County Meath. Read our blog post about recent finds at

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Meehan’s aerial photos have added to a list of summer archaeological finds in Ireland which is growing by the week, all with thanks to the rare, dry, Irish summer. The dry spell has revealed markings in the ground that would not normally be visible when fields and grasses aren't suffering from a lack of rain.

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The first major discovery of summer 2018 came when the researcher, photographer and writer Anthony Meehan discovered what appeared to be a new henge near the famous Newgrange, Boyne Valley, site. Just days later, a long-term excavation nearby announced that a megalithic passage tomb has also been discovered near Dowth Hall in Meath.

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