The new documentary "Unquiet Graves: The Story of the Glennane Gang" premieres this week

A new documentary claims that British intelligence attempted to persuade the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) to attack a Catholic primary school in Co Armagh in the 1970s.

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The Irish Times reports on the new documentary created by Sean Murray entitled ‘Unquiet Graves: The Story of the Glenanne Gang,’ which is set to premiere in Belfast on February 21.

'Unquiet Graves' premieres in Belfast this week

'Unquiet Graves' premieres in Belfast this week

The film features interviews with John Weir, a former RUC officer and self-confessed member of the loyalist Glennane Gang, which was responsible for the Miami Showband Massacre in 1975 as well as over 120 other murders.

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In the film, Weir, who now lives in South Africa after being released from prison, claims that British intelligence urged an attack on a Catholic primary school in Belleeks, Co Armagh as retaliation for the Kingsmill massacre, which saw ten Protestant workers killed by the IRA.

Still from 'Unquiet Graves'

Still from 'Unquiet Graves'

“The plan that was decided on was to shoot up a school in Belleeks,” says Weir in the film, who added that “children, teachers” would have been the targets.

Ultimately, the UVF felt the plot crossed the line and did not carry it out.

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Weir said the plot was designed to force Northern Ireland, in the midst of The Troubles, to “spiral out of control.”

The film's creator Sean Murray said the British military intelligence plot was meant to foster a “civil war” in Northern Ireland.

“From their vision, such a war would be quite short; they thought they could have a quick, short and sharp process of cleansing out the IRA.”

A still from 'Unquiet Graves'

A still from 'Unquiet Graves'

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Watch the trailer for ‘Unquiet Graves: The Story of the Glennane Gang’ here: