A British abortion provider has launched a major media campaign to bring abortion clinics to Ireland.

The non-profit organization British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) claims that the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act is not enough, and it is urging the Irish government to allow a referendum to permit abortion in the country.

"Abortion is as much a fact of life for women in Cork as for women in Coventry or Carlisle. The women we see from Ireland are just like those from England - but made more desperate by the financial and emotional cost of having to travel," said pas chief executive Ann Furedi, according to the Irish Independent.

"No politician, in a civilised country, should force women to make a journey abroad for abortion care. The decision alone is a tough enough journey."

The organization began their battle with an advertisement placed in The Irish Times on Saturday morning.

It said: "As if deciding to have an abortion wasn’t enough of a journey, Almost 4,000 Irish women have to travel to Britain for help every year, We’ll care for your women until your government does."

The campaign has also spread to Twitter under the hashtag #nowaytotreatwomen.