Boston mayor Marty Walsh, son of Irish parents, has described the day he reached rock bottom in his battle with addiction.

He told a class of people battling homelessness and addictions at the Pine Street Inn about his own challenge in life.

“I had a terrible day yesterday,” the mayor said as reported by the Boston Herald. “For whatever reason, I was in a bad mood. And I couldn’t quite figure it out. And I knew what was wrong and you know what was wrong. I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing.”

“It’s interesting,” he said about being mayor. “It’s recovery, a day at a time. I live my life a day at a time.”

“My journey’s different than a lot of your journeys, but it’s similar, because somewhere along the line when I thought I was having fun with life, my fun of going out and partying turned to sadness, a pit in my stomach, desperation, not understanding where I was going to go,” he said.

“I hit what I hope was my bottom April 23, 1995, because I had done a weekend long of binge drinking, a few blackouts sprinkled in there,” said Walsh. “I
remember waking up in that apartment with a gut feeling inside, not knowing what to do. I wanted to jump out the window but I didn’t have the courage to jump out the window. ... And I knew what the problem was – the problem was I couldn’t stop drinking.”

The next day he sought help from a counselor who asked him ten questions about whether he was an addict.

“It was the only test where I ever got 10 for 10 right.”

Soon after he ended his addictive behavior and began his career in politics.

Inspiring talk to homeless group by Marty Walsh, son of Irish parents.