The question one Irish schoolgirl set out to determine in 2014, at her school's Young Scientist Exhibition in Ireland was, "Can having red hair determine how flexible you are?" Tara Matthews, a student from Galway, brought her project to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition held in Dublin. As a redhead herself, she had a personal interest in the results.

Other budding young scientists at the exhibition questioned whether or not red haired people feel the cold more. The Irish Times reported the findings.

Children from Grange NS, Co. Carlow, wanted to know whether hair color had any effect on body temperature.

Daniel Keogh explained that questionnaires were sent out to classmates asking questions such as, “When in bed, do you wear long or short pajamas?” or “After break in school, do you usually take off your jumper?”

The class then charted the answers on a graph: “We found that more blonde and red haired people were taking their jumpers off after activity,” Keogh said.

Here’s what Tara Matthews found when she tested and compared the flexibility of redheads to people of other hair colors:

*Originally published in January 2014.