Recently, a County Waterford Councillor stated that an archaeological site in the eastern part of the county may be evidence of the first ancient settlement in Ireland.

WLR reported that people in the area will get to see some of the ancient artifacts that were found in the area that bolster the claim that it was one the earliest settlements found in the country.

The oldest confirmed ancient settlement in Ireland is that of Mount Sandel in Derry.

Newgrange, a Neolithic site in Ireland.

Newgrange, a Neolithic site in Ireland.

It is alleged that the thousands of flint artifacts found in places such as Creaden, Dunmore East, in recent years actually date to the Middle Stone Age. Archaeological experts believe that the artifacts are definitely from the Mesolithic area, which is the more technical term for the middle stone age.

The general public will be able to see these artifacts and the site they come from on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm in the Kennedy Movers building at Waterford Airport.

The Sinn Fein Councillor for Waterford, Jim Griffin, felt that there could now be a historical trail made, of sorts, from this recent discovery. He also noted that the archaeological settlement in Dunmore East could possibly help revitalize fishing communities across that area of the county.

Originally published in 2018. Updated in December 2020.