Lourdes University to offer a one-of-a-kind "Full Bodied Degree" including an internship in Galway!

Lourdes University in Ohio is offering a new degree in beer-making which includes an internship in Galway, Ireland.

The university’s Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages is a one-of-a-kind program that will launch in August 2019.

Known as the Full Bodied Degree, Lourdes University said the new program is being offered in order to meet industry needs.

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“Our administration and excellent faculty strive to be a university that is innovative by choice,” Lourdes University President Mary Ann Gawelek said.

“To meet the needs of students and employers, we continue to build and expand our partnerships in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.”

As part of the brewing program, Lourdes requires the students to complete three internships, including one through their Irish study abroad program.

Lourdes University has partnered with Irish breweries Galway Hooker and Nephin Distillery, which are both in Galway, Ireland, for the beer-making program.

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“Through the Ireland Program, students are immersed in Irish culture and customs while gaining valuable insight into the European brewing industry,” their website said. The Ireland Program is based in Tully Cross, Co Galway and houses students and faculty in thatched-roof cottages.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Terry Keller said, “Lourdes has designed a program that has a contemporary curriculum supported by experiences in the industry.”

“Our brewing and vineyard partners are excited to work with our students and provide them with the professional skills and knowledge needed to be successful.”

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