Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former Archbishop of St. Louis, continued his veiled criticism of Pope Francis and made some ominous statements about the Catholic Church while speaking at a conference in Ireland.

Speaking in Limerick at a conference held by the “Catholic Voice” newspaper, Burke told an audience of 300 that the sanctity of marriage is under “ferocious attack, even within the church itself.”

"Even within the church there are those who would obscure the truth of the indissolubility of marriage in the name of mercy," he said.

The Wisconsin native with Tipperary roots was recently demoted by Pope Francis from his prominent role as head of the Vatican’s supreme court and transferred to the largely ceremonial position of Chaplain of the Knights of Malta.

He has been very vocal regarding his disdain for the Pope’s more accepting, reformist approach, preferring a strict adherence to conservative tradition.

In Limerick, he criticized the Catholic Church’s recent synod on marriage and family for creating confusion among the faithful over divorce, re-marriage and gay marriage.

He said that he refused to use the term “traditional marriage” to refer to the union of man and wife. "My response is – is there any other kind of marriage? I fear that by using that terminology we give the impression that we think that there are other kinds of marriage – well we don't."