A Dublin woman posted on Reddit that she would pay €25 to a stranger for a long hug and got an overwhelming response.

The woman said she was "desperate" and that she "seriously" needed a hug.

The advertisement said she was looking for a "standing, fully-clothed, non-sexual" hug from a Covid-vaccinated male or female.

The posting went on to say "I will not talk or tell you my problems. I just really, really need a hug." 

The woman asked applicants to DM her information on their hugging experience and why they wanted to hug her.

Following the post, she received many "virtual hugs," "offers of hugs," and people offering to be a "listening ear."

In an update, the woman said she was "overwhelmed" by the response to her original post and the many kind offers from complete strangers.

"I am overwhelmed by the response my post has gotten. Speechlessly overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you thank you. I got hundreds of virtual hugs from all over the world, tonnes of messages of support and offers of a listening ear, and loads of offers to meet for a real-world hug.

"Truly. I'm speechless. And a bit teary-eyed. But feeling much better.

"And I did get my hug. For free! I got two actually, from a really cool human being. It was exactly what I needed, two kind, caring, healing hugs that lasted as long as I needed them to. It was wonderful.

"It's obvious from the replies that other people are feeling the need for a hug themselves. So, when you're done reading this please go find someone to hug. You never know who might be craving one."

In the comments under the post, one Reddit user said: “Honestly the whole saga here has been one of the sweetest things I have seen in some time. I genuinely hope you feel the care and love you truly do deserve."

Another person said: “Thank you. It's been pretty amazing. Really lifted my spirits and apparently other people's as well. Can't ask for much more than that.”