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Ireland of the Welcomes, the longest-running Irish interest magazine in the world, is running an exclusive offer for new IrishCentral readers to add a FREE collector's edition with their subscription. 

Since its first edition in May 1952, each issue features lavishly-illustrated pieces on Irish beauty spots, its rich culture and millennia-spanning history. The magazine has long been famous for its insightful and unique photography of historical moments and monuments that shaped Ireland’s traditions which today remains a favorite with its subscribers.

Subscribe to Ireland of the Welcomes and get a free digital edition!

Whether you’re a first time visitor seeking inspiration, or already familiar with all things Irish, Ireland of the Welcomes is a treat to be treasured for years to come. The magazine is published 6 times a year and you can carry on the legacy of Ireland of the Welcomes by choosing from three different subscription offers which include FREE shipping plus your FREE digital edition.

Inside the special digital issue, Ireland of the Welcomes commemorated its platinum celebration by opening its library of past issues highlighting famous photo essays on Irish land and landmarks, and original articles from noted contributors, such as Patrick Kavanagh, John Hinde, and Seán Ó Faoláin.

Readers will also find one-of-kind incredible articles such as painter Paul Henry celebrating the beauty of the west of Ireland, author Brendan Behan celebrating the wonder of a Kerry accent, poet Patrick’s Kavanagh musing on County Monaghan, and many more treasures from our past as well as musings in the present on the past 70 years.

Subscribe to Ireland of the Welcomes and get a free digital edition!

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