is a unique contemporary take on the things that unite Ireland and more than 33 million Americans who proudly proclaim Irish heritage.

Created by four sisters originally from County Tyrone,  Baileo is for Celts who want to celebrate their heritage and bring a touch of Ireland to their family, friends, and home. 

Baileo is a virtual ‘home from home’ that celebrates the richness of our heritage and protects it for future generations. A place to discover the stories, places, myths, and legends, the songs, the poetry, and the humor, and a place to buy genuine artifacts, quality gifts, and beautiful things that connect us to our roots. 

You can be in with a chance to win a beautiful Baileo Knot Celtic Pendant. All you have to do is fill out the competition form below:

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The Baileo Knot Celtic Pendant represents the power of four: the four elements of life, the four seasons, and the four fires of the legendary Queen Brighid.

The Power of Four

Four became a powerful number for Baileo and, as the concept evolved, the Baileo Celtic Knot with four interconnected loops became the obvious symbol to represent the brand.

There's the four Bell sisters. Between them, they have traveled to the four corners of the world but are still firmly rooted in the small village community they were born into.  

Anne Marie now in Silicon Valley, California; Lucia in Tyrone running a family business; Collette an inspirational educator in England; and Teresa, retired non-profit CEO who now sails the oceans in the wake of St Brendan (who, as we all know, discovered America way before Columbus).

Baileo founders  (left to right – Anne Marie, Lucia, Teresa, Collette , Mary Bell)

Baileo founders  (left to right – Anne Marie, Lucia, Teresa, Collette , Mary Bell)

All great storytellers, they each have a keen eye for design and a love of their homeland, and so the Baileo shop is focused on a mix of both contemporary and classic Irish designs. You won’t find any plastic leprechauns here – just unique and authentic products for Irish people, by Irish people.

Then there's the Provinces of Ireland: Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster. Each has an abundance of talent, artists, artisans and craftspeople.

The Baileo website is a shop window for talent that will help transform many small businesses struggling to find a way to grow in a post COVID world. Many of the products you will find on Baileo simply can’t be found outside of Ireland, including the unique range of jewelry designed and produced by a young Irish designer, or the Giants Causeway collection inspired by The Legend of Fionn Mac Cumhail.

Third, the four fires of Queen Brighid - one of the many inspirational Irish women you can read about at   Her four “fires’ were Hand, Hearth, Head and Heart which neatly sums up the traditional Irish value set. An Irish home revolves around the kitchen fire. It’s not just a place to eat but to gather for the craic, the legends, the stories, the people, the places -they are all here at

With each new generation the distance between where you live and where you came from may seem to increase, but here is a new opportunity to explore, dream, shop, and learn more about your Irish home. 

That’s So don’t be a stranger now, there’s a seat by the fire with your name on it.

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