A new map of remote employees in Ireland reveals the changing landscape of the country's workforce.

Grow Remote has released their initial study findings in a map that shows how companies are hiring across Ireland. It also brings forward the top 12 counties for remote employees.

The  top counties for remote employees in Ireland are Galway, Cork, Dublin, Mayo, Donegal, Roscommon, Kerry, and Clare, according to Grow Remote's map.

Grow Remote says 73% of their employers advertise remote jobs. 82.7% work from home only, 9.48% work from home and co-working, while 10.43% work from home and main office.

The leading remote employers in Ireland include Shopify, NearForm, Globalisation Partners, Zyte, Sonru, and Hubspot.

The map reflects the change in hiring practices by large enterprises who now advertise roles without location and hire the best talent wherever that may be. There are currently around 80,000 remote jobs open today and that's growing at a rate of between 6% to 7% per month.

A 2018 Vodafone survey said that 77% of employees wanted to work from home or would leave their place of employment. However, there was no significant movement in the sector at that time. In addition, while there was plenty of freelance work, few companies were offering remote employment.

Now with 80,000 remote jobs, the staff who were demanding change have additional options.

According to Grow Remote, the next step is to ensure sustainability for these remote workers in local communities. Local groups are forming to run local talks, hiking groups, and meetups to fend off the isolation and keep remote workers engaged locally.

For more information on Grow Remote’s non-profit work in rejuvenating local communities, go to GrowRemote.ie.