It was meant as a joke by comedian Andy Borowitz writing in the New Yorker.

He wrote a satire that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal had banned all Irish products from the state. Thousands, however, believed the story and social media lit up.

Borowitz wrote: BATON ROUGE (The Borowitz Report) – In the aftermath of Irish voters legalizing gay marriage, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has used his emergency powers to ban all Irish products from the state.

The sweeping trade sanctions will prevent popular Irish products, such as Jameson whiskey and Guinness Extra Stout, from being sold in Louisiana.

Jindal explained that breaking off trade with Ireland was necessary to protect the sanctity of marriage in Louisiana.

“Every time someone takes a sip of Guinness, a part of straight marriage dies,” he said.

The story headlined the New Yorker and was the most popular on social media. Jindal is known for his opposition to gay marriage.

In other news, governor of Louisiana bans all Irish products claiming "every time someone sips Guinness a part of straight marriage dies"

— Serena McGann (@Zelliegirl) May 25, 2015

So apallingly regressive. After Ireland legalizes gay marriage, Bobby Jindal bans Irish products from Louisiana

— Radha Kapoor Sharma (@radhakaps) May 25, 2015