WHAT: At the midpoint of a presidency that has torn up the rulebook, administration insiders and commentators debate the meaning and cost of post-truth politics. Part of Festival of Politics 2018.

WHEN: Sunday, November 18, 8PM, Tailors’ Hall, Temple Bar, Dublin


MORE INFO: As America digests the results of the midterm elections, panelists reflect on where Trumpism stands, mid-way through Donald J Trump’s tumultuous presidency. Is the Trump phenomenon an aberration, or the first steps of an enduring movement? If so, how does the Republican party reconcile a POTUS that many of their rank opposed from the outset. For Democrats, how best to mobilise their base in order to win back control of the White House in 2020? The Festival of Politics will unpack one of the most astonishing periods in modern US history, and examine where politics might go from here.

Irish Times Washington Correspondent Suzanne Lynch will chair what promises to be a robust debate. Joining Suzanne is former Trump Campaign Manager Robert Swope who represents Tennessee Metro Council’s District 4. He has worked for the Trump campaign or as he refers to him ‘the boss’ from the bruising Republican primary through to the shock election victory. “I think the American people spoke…” Swope told The Tennessean, “…and I think for the first time in a long time that the government is now going to listen.” Also talking Trump is former Hillary Clinton supporter, commentator and freelance journalist, Larissa Nolan and Clara Rose Thornton, Chicago born (and proud), New York simmered, Dublin dwelling spoken word artist, culture journalist, event organiser, RTÉ radio and television broadcaster. The aisle is unlikely to be crossed.