Tourism Ireland encourages us to shine a 'Green Light' of hope on Ireland’s Diaspora this St Patrick’s Day.

Every year for St Patrick’s Day, the world turns an emerald hue, celebrating Ireland’s national day. Our 'Global Greening' sees hundreds of iconic landmarks and sites lighting up in green, to mark the day. This year, in particular, Tourism Ireland's aim is to bring some positivity and hope to the 70+ million people around the world who claim links to the island of Ireland.

There is a tradition in Ireland of lighting a candle in a window, as a way of guiding strangers in the night. At a time when Irish people overseas cannot travel home, we invite you to shine a light during this time, by placing a green candle in a window as a beacon of solidarity and hope. The intention is to give our Diaspora a sense of connection with home and remind them that we cannot wait to welcome them back, as soon as it is possible to do so.

The Green Candle initiative will commence at 3pm ET / 7pm GMT, on March 17th. Please join the conversation by taking a photo or video and uploading it to your social media platforms, using the hashtag #GlobalGreening.