WHERE: Opening Reception: AIHS, 991 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA
Other events: Pier A, Harbor House, 22 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004, USA
WHEN: 15 to 16 June 2017
WHAT'S ON: The conference will highlight the bridges of progress and prosperity being built between the citizens of the two great cities of New York and Belfast, looking optimistically to the future while celebrating our shared past.

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The US-Ireland Top 50 Companies will also be announced at the New York/New Belfast conference, honouring 50 major companies with operations in the US and Ireland.

With a focus on the transatlantic operations building bridges between our two great nations, the awards laud those bringing business in Ireland to global heights and in doing so are embedding the peace for future generations.

The tenth annual celebration will be addressed by Constance Hunter, Chief Economist of KPMG and Daniel Dromm, NYC City Council member and Chair of the Education Committee, and takes place as part of the two-day New York/New Belfast conference. This prestigious event spotlights the progress and prosperity being built by the citizens of the two great cities of New York and Belfast, and looks optimistically to the future while celebrating our shared past.

Movie makers, scientists, tech companies and engineers have been among those who have received the plaudit in recent years for their high performing operations in both territories. They have included the all-conquering production company, HBO; leading law firm, A&L Goodbody; pioneers in scientific imaging Andor Technology and the New York Stock Exchange.

This year's US-Ireland Top 50 has proven to be just as illustrious with Northern Property, Belfast, Norwegian Airlines, NY and Bank of Ireland, USA just some of the companies recognised for their success.

Editor of the Irish Echo, Ray O’Hanlon, who will host Friday’s event, said the awards were an acknowledgment of the unique bonds between the two nations.

“The unmistakable and unbreakable bonds between Ireland and the United States have proven a key element in Ireland’s progression, both in terms of peace and prosperity. Those bonds grow ever stronger when underpinned by economic growth and business relationships. With the Ireland-US Top 50 we acknowledge those companies whose transatlantic operations support that ongoing development and welcome them to this illustrious list of business beacons.”