Join in on The Great Global Step About, a highlight of the first-ever International Irish Dance Day!

IrishCentral is delighted to team up with The Feis App to bring you two hours of live Irish music today to help you properly celebrate the first-ever International Irish Dance Day.

Organizers of International Irish Dance Day are encouraging dancers of all ages and levels around the world to join in on The Great Global Step About at 5 pm wherever they are in the world.

To help facilitate the Great Global Step About, Anthony Davis, Brian O'Sullivan, and Liam O'Sullivan from The Feis App will be live-streaming two hours of music for Irish dancers.

FEIS App’s Sully wanted to remind everyone about International Irish Dance Day happening this coming Thursday - September 17th! 😁😁 As part of the celebrations Brian O’Sullivan and Anton & Sully will be performing live on Facebook at 6pm and 7pm UK time. 🤩🤩 Head over to FEIS App’s Facebook page now and sign up to watch the live event! 👀 Can’t make these times?! Not a problem!! At 5pm wherever you are, post an Irish dance related pic, video or even go live and tag International Irish Dance Day and FEIS App! 👏🏾👏🏼 We hope to see as many of you involved as possible on the worlds first International Irish Dance Day! ☘️ International Irish Dance Day

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The live streams, which will be available on the IrishCentral Facebook page, will launch at 6 pm UK - Irish time / 1 pm New York City time.

For the first hour, Anthony Davis will be playing for beginner-level Irish dancers.

Anthony Davis International Irish Dance Day playlist:

Beginners, 32 bars of each, 3 tracks for each tune:

  • Reels
  • Light Jigs
  • Single Jigs
  • Slip Jigs
  • Heavy Jigs - beginner
  • Trad Hornpipes

Traditional Sets, once through each tune:

  • St Patricks Day
  • Blackbird
  • Garden of Daisies
  • Job of Journeywork
  • Jockey to the Fair
  • King of The Fairies
  • Three Sea Captains
  • White Blanket
  • The Hunt
  • Humours of Bandon

For the second hour,  Brian O’Sullivan and Liam ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan will be playing Irish dance music for open-level dancers.

Brian O'Sullivan & Liam O'Sullivan International Irish Dance Day playlist:

Championship, Intermediate, Primary, Prizewinners - 32 bars of each, 3 tracks for each tune:

  • Hornpipes
  • Heavy Jigs
  • (break for shoe change - Anton and Sully will take a few questions during the break)
  • Reels
  • Slip Jigs

Set dances:

  • Vanishing Lake 68
  • Planxty Hugh 69
  • Drunken Gauger 69
  • Blackthorn Stick 68
  • Planxty Davis 110
  • Kilkenny Races 108
  • King of the Fairies 109
  • Planxty Davis 76

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About The Feis App

In 2017, three Irish Dance musicians had a dream - they wished to create an amazing music app for the Irish Dance community, to provide inspiration, connection, and quality music for dancers, teachers and studios. The Feis App was born!

Anthony Davis, Liam O'Sullivan, and Sean O'Brien, are fully engaged in Irish dance and music culture. As friends and colleagues, they've traveled extensively together, playing at feiseanna and major Irish dance competitions across the globe. Bonded in brotherhood, and through their relationships, they live in service to the Irish Dance community.

When the idea for the Feis App was hatched, it was done so with an aim to employ and incentivize Irish Dance musicians, giving them creative freedom, thus creating growth in the industry. Existing platforms such as iTunes and Spotify were already providing a channel for the music. However, artists had little control over content, publishing, distribution, or pricing. Musicians were not compensated effectively and were less able to prioritize the effort and resources required to produce new music for dancers. The Feis App was designed to change the industry and empower musicians to create amazing content.

Energized by the possibilities, Anton, Liam and Sean also worked on a larger vision – creating a hub for “all things Irish Dance.” The Feis App is expanding all the time to include live broadcasts, results, shopping opportunities, and vendor-partners, discounts, contests, fitness and lifestyle blogs and podcasts. It’s not just music!

In late 2017, the creation of the FEIS App began in earnest. Months were spent on intensive design work. The partners did a lot of market research, listening to requests from teachers, parents, dancers, and tech specialists. The Feis App lads all have wives or partners that are world-level dancing teachers, who were consulted day and night along the way.

Fast forward to April 2019: The launch of the FEIS app. Positive feedback about the quality of the music and user-friendly nature of the platform poured in and it became quickly apparent that the FEIS app was the number one choice for Irish dancers and teachers everywhere. And as more and more members of the community switch to the FEIS App platform as their primary source of Irish dance music and culture, it's clear that the same is true today.

The Feis App features the full catalogue of Anton & Sully and Sean O’Brien, and has also signed other top musicians. The Feis App is proving to be the best collection of Irish Dance Music in the world and is are currently offering the addition of 6 brand new tracks every month, and making continual improvements in the back end of the app function. The easy-to-use interface and the growing content offer value and practicality for teachers and dancers. 

For parents – your dancer will be motivated to practice, to stay abreast of current events, and to increase their skill and ability, with the support of the app.  It is an investment in their dance career.

Sean, Anton, and Sully say: “The FEIS App story doesn't stop here. In fact, this is where it begins. This platform was created for YOU. So please join us, get involved, make suggestions, offer ideas, and help us evolve to serve you even better.

“We love this art form and we know you do too. Let's continue to develop and grow together and celebrate all that is good about Irish Dancing.”

You can learn more about The Feis App on its website, Facebook, and Instagram.