"Demons: Good and Bad" will be a live streaming lecture by Prof. Julian Goodare (University of Edinburgh) from the Trinity College Long Room Hub, Dublin

From biblical times to contemporary US Christian nationalist movement, from Sufi mysticism to The Book of Revelation in Japanese computer games – international experts will gather in Trinity College Dublin later this month to share their research on the numerous and complex ways in which demons continue to live with and influence us today.

The conference, entitled ‘Demons: Good and Bad’, is organized by the School of Religion, Theology and Peace Studies and will be hosted in the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute on October 27–28, 2022. The conference is free and open to the public. 

Register for the free "Demons: Good and Bad" live stream taking place on October 27-28, 2022 here.

Programme highlights:

  • Witchcraft expert Julian Goodare, University of Edinburgh, will discuss witch hunts and the control of magic in early modern European power struggles.
  • How the Christian nationalist movements in the US is using the concept of Satan to demonize fights for reproductive and LGBT rights and racial justice will be explored by S. Jonathon O‘Donnell, Queen‘s University Belfast.
  • The ambivalent character of Satan in Islamic sources will be analyzed by Islamic religious thought expert Zohar Hadromi-Allouche, Trinity.
    Darryl Jones, Trinity, will explain how celebrated English ghost-story writer M.R. James’ day job as a scholar of medieval manuscripts heavily influenced his work.
  • How esoteric and occult practices are represented in Japanese computer games will be discussed by film and video game expert David Stevenson, Trinity.
  • Erika Gasser, University of Cincinnati, will share her research on witchcraft and demonic possession in England at the turn of the seventeenth century.
    Cathriona Russell, Trinity, will analyze the many and varied ways that Halloween traditions are being reinterpreted.