Shore Island off the coast of County Clare is the perfect Irish dream home solution... although you'd have to build the house. 

Shore Island, located in the River Shannon estuary in County Clare, is on the market for $920,348.06. Can you imagine owning 30 acres of an island, located between Limerick and Clare? Your very own Irish ocean island.

Shore Island is located approximately 0.5 miles (or 10 mins by small boat) off the coast of County Clare and just c. 3.5 west of Shannon airport. 

While Shore Island doesn't actually include a house there still remains the shell of an old dwelling on the island. In fact, there are several old ruins on the island, which could be helpful when applying for planning permission to build your new dream home! Previous tenants had piped freshwater onto the island also. 

Shore Island, in the Shannon estuary, between County Clare and County Limerick.

Shore Island, in the Shannon estuary, between County Clare and County Limerick.

Right now, Shore Island is being used for agricultural purposes. Currently, cattle are grazed on the land all year round. 

Of course, whoever buys this property is going to need to be comfortable with their own company. Shore Island is surrounded by deep, tidal waters and is only accessible by boat. However, there are plenty of towns to visit close by including Rosscliff (both 10 minutes away), Kildysart Pier (15 mins), Kilrush Creek Marina (60 min), and Foynes in County Limerick (30 mins). Once ashore the larger town of Ennis is just a 20-minute drive and Shannon Airport is just 40 minutes away. 

According to the property site Vladi, the waters surrounding Shore Island, are famously good for salmon fishing.

Building a dream home, hanging out with some Irish cattle, and fishing off your own Irish island. I think we could definitely live with that. 

Check out the full property listing here. 

* Originally published in July 2020. Updated in 2023.