Offering a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, this beautiful Irish farmhouse in County Cork is absolutely stunning and ideal for anyone looking to settle down on Ireland's west coast. 

Located around five miles outside the scenic coastal town of Bantry, Gortnacowley Farmhouse is on the market for €220,000 ($245,000). 

The three-bedroom farmhouse has recently undergone extensive renovations, but it's still steeped in character with plenty of potential for future development. 

The farmhouse sits on a 1.5-acre plot of land and the gardens feature a range of stone outbuildings. 

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Situated in the scenic Mealagh Valley, the house boasts spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and a host of ancient ringforts and monuments are just a stone's throw away. 

The house is also located just a short drive from the beautiful Sheep's Head Peninsula near the town of Bantry. 

Bantry House looking across Bantry Bay. Dr Charles Nelson/Wikimedia Commons.

Bantry House looking across Bantry Bay. Dr Charles Nelson/Wikimedia Commons.

Inside Gortnacowley farmhouse, there is a blank canvas for any prospective buyers. 

The newly-developed house has been stripped of furniture, save for essential kitchen appliances and a modern stove.

The house's three bedrooms are bright and airy with whitewashed walls and plenty of natural light.

Downstairs, meanwhile, a floor-to-ceiling glass door creates ample natural light in the house's spacious kitchen. 

The farmhouse's hall-come-living area likewise boasts ample amounts of natural light thanks to its many windows and bright windows and floors.

The spacious living area looks absolutely ideal for quiet family nights in or for hosting small-scale gatherings and functions. 

The renovated farmhouse seems perfect for anyone seeking a quiet retirement on Ireland's scenic west coast, or for any families seeking a holiday home for regular vacations. 

Pat Maguire Properties is listed as the property's real estate agent. 

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