The Irish vacation cottage being raffled for charity has drawn interest from all around the world.

A retired Irish couple who are raffling off their vacation cottage in Co Mayo for just €10 per entry has already raised more than €250,000 for charity.

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The Irish Independent reports that the couple, known only by their first names, Patrick and Joan, as they wish to remain anonymous, said that they’ve been thrilled with the response to their charitable raffle so far.

While the couple was hoping to raise €100,000 before a winner is drawn on August 28, they have so far more than doubled that.

“It’s phenomenal,” they said. “Already €250,000 worth of tickets were bought. Lots of people are buying 25 sets of tickets in one go.”

With tickets priced at just €10, it’s not hard to see why. The raffle has gained international attention and has seen entrants from the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, France, Italy, and the UK.

The money raised through the raffle will be managed and administered by an accountant, John O'Sullivan who is based in Dublin. According to the raffle’s website, “funds will be distributed according to the amount raised. A small amount, probably a single donation. A large amount, several donations. The accountant will decide when the time comes.

"We expect the monies to be distributed to reward hospital kitchen staff, porters, orderlies, and cleaners.”

The couple was inspired to hold the raffle after they both beat a COVID-19 diagnosis. Joan, a retired doctor, said that she and her husband are "lucky to be alive."

“Having worked in hospitals most of my working life I always thought the support staff should get more," Joan said, noting that she can “only marvel at their strength and conviction.”

"They were always cheerful, hard-working, and reliable and kept the hospital ticking over. I admire them so much, turning in every day, knowing the risks that they were taking for themselves and their families.

"These are the people we are raffling the cottage for."

The cottage, located in Foxford, Co Mayo, was updated in 2016 and has one main bedroom and two loft bedrooms. The Yellow River runs at the rear of the scenic, rural property.

The couple says: “Once you go there, it is hard to leave."

You can enter here for your chance to win your own dream cottage in Co Mayo, all for a good cause. The winner will be drawn on August 28.

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