Love is a battlefield for 29-year-old Dubliner Mark White and his 24-year-old Venezuelan partner Kerwin Villalobos.

The happy couple recently celebrated their union - and the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising - by getting married in 1916 Irish Volunteers’ uniforms.

Was it for this that Pearse, Connelly et al braved English rifles? Well yes actually, if you believe the revolutionary leaders were serious about all that business of “cherishing all the children of the nation equally.”

Besides, in their military green historic costumes, these two are hilarious and tailor made for TV.

White, a hairdresser, reportedly planned the whole wedding himself, keeping it a secret from his husband Villalobos, a dancer. He told the press that he chose the 1916 theme to underline just how far Ireland has really come since its historic same sex marriage vote in May last year.

“What better way to celebrate being Irish than having an Easter Rising themed wedding?” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I probably would’ve been burnt at the stake 100 years ago for being gay so it’s amazing now that two men can stand up and tell the world they love each other and legally get married here.”

This month marks the centenary of the 1916 revolutionary Rising, when Irish forces struck what would become a decisive blow against British oppression. It’s also almost a year after the historic marriage referendum.

That revolutionary Irish spirit lives on in this wedding, White suggests.