Tell us what Irish blessing means the world to you and we’ll be sure to feature it on IrishCentral

Irish blessings are known around the world from “may the road rise to meet you” to Dia dhuit (may God be with you) and Cead mille failte (a hundred thousand welcomes) the Irish sayings, phrases and well-wishes have become massively popular.

Over the years IrishCentral have published several collections of Irish blessings – from Irish blessing for St Patrick’s day, to Irish blessings for funerals, weddings and families. These collections along with our Irish blessings videos have been massively popular with our IrishCentral community around the globe.

So, we’ve decided to reach out to our community and ask what are your favorite blessings?

Let us know a short Irish blessing or phrase that has always meant something special to you and we’ll be sure to feature it on IrishCentral, perhaps even as a one of a kind video, like this:

Irish blessing for a long and happy life

Brighten up someone's day with this Irish Blessing. Check out some more great Irish blessings and sayings here:

Posted by on Monday, 28 August 2017

Perhaps you have a very personal story connected to a certain Irish blessing or perhaps it’s just a blessing that reminds you of a beloved relative or lost love. We look forward to hearing your tales!

Let us know your favorite Irish blessing below (in the comments section) or by emailing

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An Irish blessing for comfort in times of grief

An Irish blessing for comfort in times of grief More words of wisdom and comfort here:

Posted by on Monday, 2 October 2017