You've heard of U2 right? You should have heard of The Script by now. And you really really need to check out Hozier!

Show off your knowledge of Irish music to your friends, by joining us weekly here at IrishCentral where we will bring you the very best in Irish music – rock-pop–trad-dance-folk-hip hop.

Some new songs, some old, but all are gems, and chosen by music professionals in Irish radio and TV, just for you.

On this week's playlist, you'll discover Walking on Cars, a band from Kerry heading for the top of charts. Catchy tunes from The Riptide Movement (Dublin), The Minutes (Dublin), Wallis Bird (Wexford) and Raglans (Dublin) will have you singing and dancing. The vocal magic of Glen Hansard (Dublin) and Ham Sandwich (yes that's their name and they are from Meath!) will surely send you off on a hunt for more of their music. A lot of Dubs in today's playlist, (we'll correct that for next week).

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