Irish rock stars U2 have spoken for the first time about their fear the band was over when frontman Bono lost his voice during a gig earlier this year. 

As Irish fans flock to Dublin for the string of sold-out U2 gigs taking place this week, the Irish band has spoken for the first time about the fear that struck them in September 2018 when frontman Bono lost his voice during a gig. 

The rock legends were performing in Berlin, Germany when Bono's voice suddenly disappeared and advice from a specialist caused the band to fear that after all these decades, the adventure was to come to an abrupt end. 

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A not so Beautiful Day... 😳

Inside the U2 show that was cancelled after Bono lost his voice

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Speaking on the phone from beneath the stage where they had retreated, the lead singer's voice specialist Steven Zeitels told the band that there was a 70 percent chance Bono had suffered a severe vocal hemorrhage. He also warned that if Bono ever would sing again, it would be years before he was again able to do so. 

Speaking to the Sunday Independent for the first time about the incident, Bono compared himself to Samson losing his hair: “The strong man … with no strength.”

In an exclusive U2 interview, @U2's #Bono talks to Brendan O’Connor about faith, family and losing his voice - only in tomorrow's LIFE Magazine. #u2 #bono #sindo

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“It moved so quickly from singing well to not being able to sing at all — that was the shock,” he added, although stating that he did not feel as if he had broken anything in his voice.

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Despite this, the band took Zetital's advice and called off the gig until Bono's throat was fully checked. 

“It might have been a vocal spasm brought on by an allergic reaction to something. It might have been smoke; it might have been a blockage in the ventilation system,” Bono speculated of the injury.

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