What were the most popular Irish baby names of 2018? Some traditional Irish names made the cut, while other popular names for Irish babies show the powerful influence of celebrities. 

The most popular Irish boys and girls names of 2018 show both traditional and celebrity influences. 

According to Irish passport applications received throughout the year by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs, the top Irish girl baby name was Emma and the top Irish boy baby name was Conor. 

Newborn baby. Photo: iStock

Newborn baby. Photo: iStock

Are we perhaps seeing the influence of fighter Conor McGregor here? And of famous Emmas like Emma Stone, Emma Watson, and the late beloved Irish writer Emma Hannigan? 

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The top three names on each list were: 

Top Irish girl names

1) Emma

2) Caoimhe

3) Sarah

Top Irish boy names 

1) Conor

2) James

3) Daniel

Emma has moved up from the second most popular Irish girls' name in 2017,  replacing Emily, while Conor moved up from third place, surpassing Jack and James. Both Caoimhe (pronounced "Kee-vah")and, to a certain extent, Conor, point to the continuing popularity of more traditional Irish names.

Newborn baby girl. Photo: iStock

Newborn baby girl. Photo: iStock

Other names that topped the list included Amy, Niamh, Aoife, and Chloe for girls, and Jack, Sean, Cian, and Adam for boys. 

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In 2018, there were an impressive 292, 908 passports issued to babies by December. The youngest applicant of 2018 was a mere two weeks old. 

Congratulations to Ireland's youngest new passport holders! 

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