Here's a video that will bring a smile to your face - a young girl singing the 'cúpla focal'.

Serene is a four-year-old Syrian girl who arrived in Ireland as a tot. 

The youth moved with her family in 2015, and is currently two months into her primary school journey in Dublin.

Serene's proud aunt, journalist Razan Ibraheem, filmed her niece when she came home from school, excited to showcase her newfound Irish language skills.

Ibraheem uploaded the video to social media, where Serene was praised and complimented by both Syrian and Irish people.

The video of the St. Mary's school Dublin pupil has been viewed over 2,000 times online. 

"Cailín maith!" (great girl) one commenter applauded.

Ibraheem herself completed a Masters in English recently at the University of Limerick - she is actively involved in campaigning to end Direct Provision in Ireland.

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