What Irish women inspire you? Do you cling to wisdom handed down by your Irish Grandma? What’s next for the women of Ireland? IrishCentral and Herstory want to find out. 

This year the Republic of Ireland marks its 100th anniversary and it’s incredible to think of how far this green island and its people have come. Throughout those 100 years, the role of women and what it means to be an Irish woman, at home and as part of the Diaspora has changed. IrishCentral and Herstory want to hear from the Mná na hÉireann (Women of Ireland) ahead of their patron saint’s day, Brigid’s Day on Feb 1, 2022. 

Since the goddess of the Celtic festival of fire, Imbolc, who we now know as Brigid and the pirate queen of the 1500s, Grace O’Malley, Ireland has boasted of powerful and iconic women. Of course, the wonder and strength of Irish Mammies is world-renowned and in modern times Irish women are stepping up in the world of arts, entrepreneurship, science, sport and tech, making their mark. 

IrishCentral and Herstory want to know what being an Irish woman means to you. Who inspires you, what wisdom you’ve learned from them and what’s next for the women of Ireland? 

The results of this survey will be shared ahead of Brigid’s Day, Ireland’s national celebration of its female patron saint and Celtic goddess.

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About Herstory

Founded in 2016, the Herstory movement tells the stories of modern, historic and mythic women through film, animation, theatre, exhibitions, events and spectacular light shows. The mission is to give the public authentic female role models and a game-changing education program, inspiring countries around the world to start their own Herstory movements.

Since 2017, the annual international Herstory Light Festival lights up iconic landmarks and sacred sites in honor of women to mark Brigid’s Day. In 2018, Herstory initiated and co-produced Blazing a Trail with the Department of Foreign Affairs and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum – it is the first women’s exhibition to tour the Irish Embassy network worldwide. In 2020, Herstory partnered with RTÉ, Underground Films, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, and the BAI for Herstory on RTÉ - the first comprehensive women’s storytelling platform on RTÉ - featuring a major documentary TV series, animation series, podcasts, school workshops and microsite.

In 2021 Herstory successfully spearheaded a campaign to make Brigid’s Day Ireland’s new national holiday, starting from 2023. 

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