A specific brand of Co Kerry Irish Pudding has been granted special status by the European Union, protecting Sneem Black Pudding from potential copy cats. 

In December 2019, the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine announced that two Co Kerry butchers and their black pudding recipe had received a special EU designation. 

Sneem black pudding now has the coveted Protected Designation Origin (PDO) label as part of the European Commission's Geographical Indication (GI) system. The label means that the product has a "unique link to a particular locality in terms of quality, characteristics, and tradition."

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The butchers—Kieran Burns and Peter O'Sullivan—welcomed the news, which will grant Sneem Black Pudding a special status to prevent others from attempting to mimic their product and prevent copy cats from profiting on the pudding's reputation by claiming they are the same. 

"Ah Jeez, it's mighty," Kieran Burns told the Irish Independent.

"We're throwing Champagne up in the air.

"A lot of people are imitating our pudding but it's unique to the area."

Burns is a  fourth-generation butcher and the new EU label will now protect his 200-year-old family recipe and black pudding technique that involves using fresh blood from local abattoirs.

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Sneem black pudding is baked in a rectangular cake shape instead of a ring and is made without artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives.

"It's all good news," added fellow butcher Peter O'Sullivan. 

"It's recognition and maybe it will give us a bit of footing. Hopefully, now it will give us a bit of protection." 

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H/T: Irish Independent.