While you were eating crumpets and drinking tea watching the British Royal Wedding - one Irish designer was busy at work recreating the two most talked about dresses of the year. 

About to say 'I Do' but a custom Givenchy or Stella McCartney look isn't in the budget? Fear not. A Northern Irish bridal designer has created gowns fit for royalty, for a mere mortal's budget. 

Shauna Fay collaborated with Elody Bridal in an attempt to make replicas of Markle's wedding dress and five-metre-long veil and tiara, and the show-stopping halterneck look she donned for the reception. 

The duo went without sleep for thirty hours to bring the project to fruition.

In a Facebook post, Fay explained that the idea came about as a "bit of fun" but also to promote the talented women in the bridal business in Northern Ireland.

"Wonderful team effort and we hope you like it! I'm pretty sure if the gorgeous Meghan sees this she will have a good laugh at how crazy us lot are," she said.

She even revealed that a local jewelers had lent a diamond worth an astonishing £50,000 for the tiara. 

Local fashion blogger and model Cleo Parkinson was also enlisted to dress up as the princess bride. 

Posted by Elody Bride on Sunday, May 20, 2018