The destruction and havoc wrecked by Storm Frank and the great Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of 2016 could not dampen the spirits of those in Safehaven Marine in Youghal, Co. Cork.

The boat designers and builders, established in the Rebel County in 1998, were keen to take advantage of the terrible weather and stormy seas to test out the capabilities of their latest boats, a feat certainly not for the faint of heart is the resulting video is anything to go by.

Facing off 33 ft (ten meter) waves, the “Wildcat 60” catamaran and the “Barracuda” patrol vessel plow into the oncoming storm, tremendously thrown around but still staying afloat even when waves crash over their decks.

Not a wise choice for anybody suffering from sea or motion sickness, the true extent of the power of the storm can be seen as they stand on the harbor with the wooden pier violently moving beneath them.

The amazing boats and their crew skillfully navigate through one of the worst storms Ireland’s seen in recent time and return unscathed.

Kudos to them but we think we’ll be keeping our own feet safely on dry, albeit severely flooded, land.

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H/T: Irish Independent