“The Priests” one of Ireland’s most famous musical groups featuring three men of the cloth made a new kind of history in early February

They were invited to Presbyterian services to honor Queen Elizabeth on her 70th anniversary and afterward stated “It was great to have been involved in the Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration at First Larne Presbyterian Church yesterday evening on the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession.” 

It was a new venture for the group after 30 years of singing together. It all began when brothers, Fr Eugene and Fr Martin O’Hagan, along with their friend and colleague Fr David Delargy, came together and recorded their debut album — ‘The Priests’ — with Sony Music. 

The album sold 3 million copies worldwide securing them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest-selling classical of all time.  

Ten years later, their career has led to three further albums and tours across the world including performances for the Irish President, the Royal Family. They even shared a stage with Pope Benedict XIV in London’s Hyde Park to a live audience of 80,000 and to a global audience of millions on TV. 

The crazy part of this is that through all of this time, they have remained faithful to their parishes and daily duties as Priests.

Low-key celebrations took place across the UK to mark the Queen's 70th anniversary at the beginning of February, while more festivities are planned for June when the weather improves, including military parades, neighborhood parties, and a competition to create a new dessert. 

The events will take place over a special four-day weekend between June 2 and 5.