Bóru is an enchanting Irish Teddy Bear that will uniquely represent the pride and history of your family lineage. Delivered direct from County Down in Ireland with free worldwide shipping. 

The Paddy Pals Teddy Bears make for a treasured companion and their newest member, Ború the Irish Family Crest Bear is a custodian of Irish heritage who oversees a grand and expansive library.

This library is a treasure house of family history, cataloging thousands of surnames, which include a special collection of 1,500 names from Irish and Celtic origins. 

Search the library to find your name and family crest which will then be beautifully immortalized on a high-quality t-shirt worn by Bóru, transforming it into a symbol of pride and a testament to your family's historical journey.

This personalized t-shirt serves as a perfect and thoughtful gift or a treat for yourself, suitable for any special occasion, celebrating not just a name, but the storied heritage it represents.

Find out more about Bóru the Irish Family Crest Bear and the Paddy Pals Family here

Every detail of Bóru is carefully considered. The exquisite craftsmanship ensures his cuddly appeal while adhering to the authenticity of the traditional emblems. Each coat of arms or family crest is reproduced with utmost accuracy, honoring the rich history and symbolism behind them. 

As he becomes a cherished part of families worldwide, he carries with him stories of your ancestors and the legacy of your family's courage and honor. He is elegantly dressed in a high-quality t-shirt and brown tweed dungarees, complemented by a matching flat cap typical of a well-dressed Irish Teddy Bear.

Each Family Crest Bear comes complete with an authentic certificate that features your unique family crest, accompanied by a description of the origins of your family name. This bespoke certificate is a perfect piece to display in your home. 

Irish Heraldry has an acceptance of Clan arms. So rather than the coat of arms belonging to a single individual it belongs to the descendants that can come from hundreds of years after it was created. Irish Heraldry is what has given us Irish family crests.

Family crests provide individuals of Irish heritage a tangible link to their ancestral history and tell the story of those who have gone before them. Crests and coats of arms were also often adorned in the colors of the family.

An example: white represents peace and serenity, purple has the meaning of justice and sovereignty, while red was a symbol of the martyr’s color. The family crest encapsulates the spirit of resilience, courage, and honor that are integral to Irish heritage.

The Irish legend of the Paddy Pals

Thousands of years ago, all of Ireland was covered in deep forest where the Paddy Pals roamed freely. But as the human population grew, the bears’ habitat receded year after year until eventually all the forests and wild places were nearly gone. The remainder of the wild Teddy Bears headed for the last wild place in Ireland, the Mountains of Mourne deep in County Down where they made their home.

As the years went by, they watched from afar the humans who lived in the valleys and towns below them. They watched the farmers tend their crops and the fishermen bring in their catch and slowly but surely, they evolved into a community of self-sufficient Teddy Bears that look after each other and their community.

Páraic the Farmer produces all the food, and the tasty honey that all the bears love while Finn the Fisherman is out at sea catching fish. Róisín the Colleen strolls through the village singing her stories while Lizzie the Dancer jigs and reels all day long. Logan the Piper plays his Irish bagpipes, keeping the bears entertained while Molly the Weaver weaves the baskets and furniture for all the bear Miss O’Doherty Irish School Teacher teachs the Paddy Pals Juniors who are the young bear cubs of the community. And of course, James the Poet who recites tales of Celtic woe.

The community of Paddy Pals makes for treasured friends and companions and each of them comes with their own individual Irish talents. They love hugs and smiles, fun and laughter.

Adored by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile. And whatever you do, don't forget, these are no ordinary bears, these are the last of the wild Irish bears and wherever they go, they bring the luck of the Irish with them.

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