Nathan Carter and his debut US tour has his fans warming up their voices for “Wagon Wheel”.

Irish singer Nathan Carter is a busy man these times.

He will be performing with Daniel O’Donnell in a benefit concert to aid flood victims in Donegal and will be packing his accordion for a transatlantic flight and his debut North American tour later this month.

Carter will touch down first on a stage in Rochester, NY on Friday, September 8.

Carter, according to a release, has catapulted into stardom, charming audiences on guitar, piano, and accordion.

At age 26, he boasts three number-one albums, two number-one singles, and two number-one live performance DVDs.

Now, said the release, he will embark on his debut North American tour, alongside his Irish band, and special guest star Chloe Agnew for a show-stopping mix of songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Home to Donegal,” and a program packed with old country favorites, Irish folk songs, and adult contemporary classics.

The tour will begin Rochester and will total 11 concerts through Canada and the United States, including Scranton Cultural Center on September 21.

“Fans of Daniel O’Donnell, Michael Bublé, and Tony Bennett will love this young Irish crooner who is blazing a trail to worldwide success,’ proclaimed the release.

After growing up in a household filled with both Ireland’s Celtic sounds and country western music, Carter started performing at a young age, picking up the accordion, piano, and guitar, in addition to singing.

He gained success in Ireland playing in smaller venues and had his big break when his cover of Bob Dylan’s “Wagon Wheel” went to number one on the Irish charts.

His next two albums also hit the number one spot on the Irish Album Chart, and Nathan signed with Decca Records.

His first album with a major label, “Beautiful Life,” went four times platinum in Ireland and became the first of his albums to chart on the UK Albums Chart.

His next and most recent album, “Stayin’ Up All Night,” also rose to number one in Ireland, and he has spent much of 2016 touring the country supporting it.

Carter is credited with sparking the rebirth of country music in Ireland, introducing a new generation of fans of all ages to the genre.

Daniel O’Donnell has praised Carter calling him the new generation: "He has taken the Irish music scene by storm. Now it's time we shared him with the rest of the world," said the Donegal singer.

The Scranton Cultural Center concert will on Thursday, September 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets at or by calling (800)745.3000.

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