Moya Brennan, the voice of Clannad and the First Lady of Celtic Music, will play a holiday concert at The Met in New York on Friday, December 13

Joined onstage by Dublin-based Irish harp virtuoso Cormac De Barra, two-time all-Ireland fiddle champion Patrick Mangan and other special guests, expect a thrilling holiday program created especially for The Met.

“I was asked would I be interested in doing the Christmas concert and to do it in The Met,” Brennan tells IrishCentral.

“How do you say no? I released a Christmas album several years ago called “An Irish Christmas” that combined classic carols with Celtic elements and someone there must have heard it suggested we would come to New York play it!”

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Moya Brennan will play The Met in New York City on December 13

Moya Brennan will play The Met in New York City on December 13

On the song list will be Christmas songs she grew up with and songs that “anybody that knows and likes my music will be nicely surprised by,” she says.

That Celtic note is so well suited for Christmas, would you agree? 

“ I do, one of the reasons I did a Christmas album in the first place is that I've often seen albums called Celtic Christmas and when I listened to them there was nothing much Celtic about them. So we just wanted to approach it very differently. I approached a lot of the traditional songs of Christmas in a different Irish way.”

The work that you and your family have done for the Irish tradition, with you in your own case selling over 20 million albums all around the world, is extraordinary. Do you ever reflect on that? 

“Well, I suppose we did stick with the Gaelic language for the first six Clannad albums in the 1970s when people thought we were mad. This was a time when less and less people were speaking it. I suppose we did bring a certain amount of culture and awareness to the music, especially to where we come from in County Donegal.”

Moya Brennan will play The Met in New York City on December 13

Moya Brennan will play The Met in New York City on December 13

Her modesty is remarkable, but it's also sincere.

“You know yourself when you're from Donegal, you're grounded,” she laughs. “You can't get notions up there. You'll be ruined. Not at all, you're not allowed to have any notions.”

Moya Brennan will play The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium at The Met Fifth Avenue on Friday, December 13. Doors open at 6 pm. 

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