So this week for your musical taste buds, PLAYIRISH USA brings you some oldies, some newbies, a Eurovision entry and a band from Westmeath, which we think is a first.

The Frames are 25 years together and celebrating with three major sold out shows in Ireland, U2 claim to have been raised by wolves, Villagers have Courage and this year's Eurovision entry should have at least got through to the final, don't you think?

The Frames (Dublin)

The Frames are playing three huge summer shows in Ireland this year to mark 25 years as one of Ireland's most important rock bands.

The Academic (Westmeath)

Their debut single 'Bear Claws' attracted huge interest in this very young band. Shares in airlines sky rocketed (probably!) as labels and publishers flew to Ireland to see them play.

Molly Sterling (Tipperary)

Ireland's Eurovision 2015 entry - beautiful song - didn't make it to the final, do you think it should have?

Ciaran Laverly (Armagh, Northern Ireland)

If you like Ray Lamontagne, you'll love Ciaran's music.

U2 (Dublin)

Nothing I can tell you about these guys you don't already know, just maybe that they are currently touring in the US?

Moving Hearts (Various)

Formed in 1981, Moving Hearts recorded four critically acclaimed albums. Since 1990, when they sold out Dublin's Point Theatre for a farewell concert, The Hearts have only performed a handful of concerts.

Mic Christopher (Dublin - 1969–2003)

Born in New York to Irish parents, Mick came to Dublin to live aged 3! He met future bandmates and friends like Glen Hansard while busking on Grafton Street and in 1990 he formed The MaryJanes. He was working on his first solo album before his untimely death. Heyday has become an Irish anthem and continually sung by many Irish like the The Frames and The Coronas at their shows.

Villagers (Dublin)

A hauntingly beautiful song from Villagers, who have spoken about what an experience it was to play Cork the night of the Marraige Referendum results.

BriBry (Dublin)

Bribry is a singer/songwriter and youtube blogger. This young man has over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channela and over 19 million views.

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