Ah, Ireland, the land of leprechauns, rainbows and lucky charms, as one with the wild claim of 0.001 percent Irish ancestry might say.

Like any group of people, the Irish certainly do have their fair share of stereotypes but the question is, what merit do they have? Are we really all a bunch of farmers who only hang out with sheep?

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Let’s go through some classic paddy-isms and see if they hold true.

  • We all drink tea and have biscuits religiously: If you’re Irish, you know that everytime you set foot in your grandmother’s kitchen you’ll be met with a truck-load of tea and she’ll have already said, “will you not have a biscuit?”

  • We’re all rainbow-loving little green people: False, but we’re craic-loving and green after a long night out though!

  • The Irish only really sing about going home, how much they love home, or a girl: Very true, but the mountains of Mourne really are so lovely. Oh, how I miss them so.

  • Irish people live and breathe the drink: We like the odd drink here or there but do we live off the stuff? Only Guinness, but that’s because it’s a requirement in the Irish constitution.

  • We worship potatoes religiously: They’re brilliant, but I’d say we leave the worshipping to Mr. Tayto nowadays.

  • We secretly want to rule the world: We already rule the world, everyone else just lost the memo on that one.

  • We hate England with a passion: Well that’s just silly, after 800 years of their meddling in Ireland how could we not like them? But, I do hope that (insert country here) beats them in the world cup!

  • We’re always going on about a united Ireland: Any expert in math will tell you that 26+6=1.

  • Feck this, feck that, I’m sure it’ll be grand: Well, it always is grand if you’re Irish. Except when you manage to upset your Mam, which in that case run for the hills.

  • We’re the worst at giving directions: Now, if you go down this road for a wee bit and take a left, a right, then another right until you reach the ol’ fella with his unhappy sheep, you should be good to go. I forgot to mention that if you go past the old monkey puzzle tree with the donkey directing traffic you’d have gone too far there now.

Do you have any other stereotypes in mind?