Learn how a US couple successfully managed to move to Ireland and secure their residency through the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme.

Chris and Ken Gabriel have lived in more than a dozen places since completing their PhD’s in engineering together at MIT. As their careers connected them more and more outside the US, they decided to explore the potential to relocate to Europe.

Having no immediate connection to Ireland, other than knowing it by its reputation as a vibrant, stable and pleasant country, they explored other residency options in Europe before settling on the Irish Immigrant Investor Program.

Chris and Ken share their story of the Irish Immigrant Investor Program with Reside in Ireland:

What made you ultimately decide on Ireland as opposed to other locations?

"More than two hundred years ago, Chris’s Irish Catholic ancestors were farmers who were forced to give up their land and emigrate to Pennsylvania. They found new work on the railroads, but sadly, their descendants eventually lost touch with the Irish language and culture. A few years ago an uncle found some of the old family records, and as we’ve been learning more about Ireland we are hoping to recreate that connection.

Our first trip as tourists was five years ago. Like most visitors, we were captivated by the beauty of the rocky coast and the Connemara countryside. But we were even more delighted to discover that Ireland offers, in abundance, the two main things our family loves most: good food and good reading.

We’ve gone to other Irish towns and intend to do more travel, but so far we have spent most of our time in Dublin. Bracketing our frequent trips to Hodges Figgis, Dubray, and other bookstores, we’ve enjoyed shopping for fresh-off-the-boat seafood on the wharf at Howth or having a pub lunch with a pint of Guinness at Searson’s. It’s been fun to discover local cheeses, butcher shops, and craft distilleries, with our current favorite whiskey being Green Spot — perfect for sipping as we watch the sunset over Dublin City."

What have you learned about Ireland since living there? 

"Since our first visit, we’ve been following Irish news, podcasts and books to learn as much as we can about Ireland's past and present. What we’ve found most fascinating is Ireland’s very recent transformation from, arguably, the most conservative society to the most progressive democracy in the European Union.

There’s a long list of works that have been helping us understand Irish history and modern culture, but just to name a few of the many exceptional authors, historians and journalists we’ve found so far:  

  • Naomi O’Leary and Tim McInerny’s “Irish Passport” podcast discussions, e.g. of the history of the Celts and the strong connection between Irish and Native Americans that dates back to the time of the Great Hunger;
  • Jarlath Regan’s series of “Irishman Abroad” podcast interviews during the pandemic with independent booksellers across Ireland;
  • Donal Fallon’s “Three Castles Burning” social history podcasts that illuminate all things Dublin."

Has living in Ireland changed how you approach your work?

"Now that our three grown children are living their own independent lives, we’ve had some time to consider how we’d like to shape our future as a couple. The pandemic was awful, but it did show us that we could stay in touch with colleagues all over the world no matter where we might be living. Ken works with many in the EU, so Ireland is an excellent place for maintaining those connections. 

Every society has its challenges, and Ireland is no exception however we see our contribution to the Irish Immigrant Investor Program with Reside in Ireland as one opportunity of many we hope to make over time within a community where citizens are engaged, democracy is respected and literacy is highly valued.

Our work is evolving to become more flexible and more informal, and so we are looking forward with excitement to splitting our time between our American family home and our new Irish residence in Ireland."

Ireland’s immigration system can be complex and increasingly difficult to maneuver through. Ken and Christina worked with Reside in Ireland to make the move as seamless as possible. Reside in Ireland acts as a bridge for Americans to cross the pond, supporting individuals and their families who wish to have the option to move or acquire residency in Ireland and retain their citizenship in the United States.

Invest in the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) and receive a long-term visa to live and work in Ireland for you and your family. Find out more information at www.resideinireland.com