Laura Steerman, a mother of three from Dublin, swapped her career as a lawyer to begin a journey as an artist.

The 35-year-old mom began painting while pregnant with her daughter. The Dubliner was initially nervous over her baby’s lack of movement, but scans showed she was developing perfectly fine in the womb.

"Each scan showed she was doing just fine despite the lack of kicks, but I felt the gray, blurry images just didn't do her precious self justice," Steerman told PopSugar.

Inspired, she took her black and white ultrasound and gave it a new colorful lease of life.

Her friends took note, and asked Steerman to transform their own ultrasounds. Soon, she was accepting commissions from would-be mothers all over the world.

As a result, Steerman gave up her law career and began her journey as an artist by starting Quaint Baby Art.

“My paintings were designed as a gift to celebrate pregnancy and this experience together. Each piece aims to capture this magic and your baby's personality,” Steerman writes on her website.

Thus far, Steerman has won several entrepreneurial awards, including the Mum and Tots Mumtrepreneur of the Year Award 2014.

Steerman also collaborates with Irish charity Féileacáin, which supports parents who've suffered miscarriages — donating a percentage of every painting's proceeds to the organization.

To commission a piece, get in touch with Steerman via her website here.

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