If there’s one thing Irish and Iraqi people have in common, it’s their fierce passion for celebrating their unique cultures.

This was abundantly apparent in a recent TikTok shared by user @Heyitshelenhaych that showed Irish dancers performing at a wedding with the accompaniment of Iraqi musicians in Victoria, Australia.

“Love a fusion!!!” Helen Hanna said on her TikTok video which has racked up more than 1.7 million views.

@heyitshelenhaych Love a fusion!!! As much as I love weddings hehe #wedding #drums #middleeasternwessing ♬ original sound - Helenhanna

The brief TikTok received plenty of comments from viewers who were enamored with the joyous display.

“Everyone understood the assignment! I love this,” one person wrote.

“Cultural appreciation done correctly,” another commented.

“Nothing makes me more emotional than watching two cultures embrace each other,” another person said.

One person wrote: "Irish dabke is officially the best dabke, the debate is over."

Dabke, a Levantine Arab folk dance, combines circle dance and line dancing and is often performed at weddings and other joyous occasions. Talk about the perfect complement to Irish dancing!

A longer version of Hanna's viral Irish x Iraqi fusion viral TikTok was later shared by Storyful

“My cousin fell in love with an Irishman five years ago when they met in Melbourne,” Hanna said via Storyful.

"She [the bride] is from Chaldean [in Iraq].

“It was a beautiful way to combine both of the cultures and celebrate their love for each other.”

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