Ireland made history last weekend become the first country to change their constitution to include same sex marriage. One canny publisher in Limerick has jumped at the chance and is all set to launch Ireland’s first gay wedding magazine, entitled “EnGAYged.”

Ireland is already a hot wedding destination as April Drew, publisher of the magazines Brides of Limerick and Brides of Kerry, can attest. After Ireland erupted with the news of the Yes win on May 22 Drew decided “what better way to celebrate the new law then by sharing love stories from the LGBT Irish community throughout the world.”

EnGAYged Ireland will be hosted on a new website set to launched next Tuesday called “Brides of Ireland.”

Although Drew has been in the wedding magazine business for a number of years she said the notion only struck her on May 22 with the massive out pouring of love felt around the country.

She told IrishCentral “It wasn't until last Saturday when news media outlets across Ireland were slowing revealing that Ireland had voted yes that I began to get texts saying I should have a section in my magazines [Brides of Limerick, which is 19 months old] and Brides of Kerry [7 months old] on same sex marriages. We have always featured civil partnerships in the magazines and we were thrilled to think we can now have actual legal weddings.

“When at a communion later in the afternoon someone suggested doing a digital magazine to cover all of Ireland and by 7pm last Saturday evening I was already getting my design and editorial team together to let them know we were going to launch a third magazine in 10 days.”

She added “There hasn't been much sleep in our office since then.”

This will the first magazine in Ireland specifically for same sex marriages.

On the day of the results Drew spent the day with her family but like most of the world followed the story closely and delighted in the happy scenes once the results were announced.

“I watched from the sidelines at home with my kids in the morning and through online media sources in the afternoon. My three and four year old even knew what was at stake.”

“My son Colum (4) put it very simply when he said "Mom, God has to allow a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman if they want because it will make them happy. If they don't they will be sad."”

“I touched base with my gay friends around the world all day via text and via Facebook and sent out heartfelt congratulations all day. Everyone straight, gay, old, young and everyone in between were talking about it. There was parties all over Limerick going well into the early hours of the morning. Engagements were happening all over the country and beyond.

Drew launched their Facebook page on Wednesday and within 24 hours they have over 300 followers and that number is growing every day. She also made a call to action on the page asking for people to share their love stories.

“ We've been inundated with stories from Irish all around the world wanting to share their love story including the wonderful Irish fashion designer Don O'Neill and his partner Pascal. Don will be on our front page [see below].

“We have some lovely opinion pieces from gay men and women around Ireland on what the Yes vote means to them. We are going to feature some weddings that took place already and some great tips on what to do to plan a wedding. We also have a number of hotels across Ireland on board showcasing their venue as a possible location to host the big day.”

EnGAYged will be going live next week. If you have a story to share with them check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at @ EnGAYgedMag.